N 51.91426° E 4.43761° is an exposition by Joram Raaijmakers and Dušan Rajić. Joram graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven and specialised during his studies and later professional life almost obsessively in the watchtower as a manifestation of  ‘control’, but at the same time also an architectural and by the viewer liked structure.  This contradictor fascinates him which results in researching and even building the watchtower in different ways.

​Dušan graduated as an architect, is photographer, muralist and painter. Also in his work control and the ironical way society contradicts itself fascinates him.  In his works he emphasises humor and the irony of specific situations.


N 51.91426° E 4.43761 was supported by :
European Cultural FoundationGemeente RotterdamKetel 1, Bos ice tea and Warsteiner


Nov 12th – Dec 17th 2016

at Foundation Mesh project space