​At the Zeilmakersstraat in Bospolder/Tussendijken a big, grey wall was turned around into a large scale painting. Local artist Ready2Rumble and Croatian artist Lunar worked together on a design that will make the neighbourhood more colourful for the coming years.

Mesh organised an additional educational program for children in the neighbourhood together with local organisation Botu. The kids learned how to make their own designs and how to apply it to a wall.

Ready2Rumbl is a Rotterdam based illustrator. He makes mural paintings on commission all over Europe. As resident of the neighbourhood Bospolder/Tussendijken he has an extra strong connection to the project.
His works are recognisable by the big, comical characters that he uses in ever changing situations and environments. For his art works he used the direct environment as his inspiration.

Lunar is a self taught artist who was part of the early Croatian graffiti scene. He travels the entire world to make murals which are spreading from Austria to Cuba, Australia and New Zealand. Lunars works are also inspired their direct environment and are recognisable by the use of the same character that experiences different situations and places.


Production dates Aug 31st – Sep 2nd 2017

De Bolder Community center

Zeilmakersstraat 59    Rotterdam



Face to Face expo

​Ready2Rumbl (NL) Lunar (HR) designed a mural paiting for the first edition of the Color block project at the Zeilmakersstraat in Rotterdam West.

​Additionally the artists present more of their collaborative and individual works in the Face to Face expo in our art space. Visiting Face to Face expo can be combined with a visit to Colourful BoTo, only a couple of streets away from Mesh.


Color Block #1 was supported by :

Gemeente Rotterdam, ECF Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Erasmus stichting and Doornbos equipment


Sep 7th – Oct 7th 2017

at Foundation Mesh project space