Daan Botlek

The base of Botlek’s work is the human as a measuring tool for all that exists. Based on this Botlek uses humans most minimalistic shape as an element to build situations and paterns. His works are visual stories that present one part of a continuing tale, or are a succession of events during a specific timeframe. The elements Botlek uses play with the laws of nature and geometrie. the images, however narrative, are never unambiguous and invite the audience to become part of creating the story.

Tifani Rubi

The images Tifani uses have their origin in the real world, but are reborn in the imagination of the artist. Frustrations she has with the world, she analyses and dissects into small pieces. With these pieces she build new situations that are more acceptable to her. The works are therewith representations of all aspects of life which she presents to her audience and herself.


Second edition of Color Block was supported by :

Gemeente Rotterdam, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Stichting Job Dura Fonds and CBK R’Dam


Production dates May 5th – May 12th 2018

De Bolder Community Center

Zeilmakersstraat 59     Rotterdam