I was ever here was a collaboration between Lisette Schumacher (NL) and Sergej Vutuc (BIH). Both artists investigate and document spaces. Lisette does so by visualising the emotions and memories she finds in empty spaces, while Sergej focusses on the way mankind time and time again knows how to adjust existing spaces to their needs and wishes, thus giving it a different purpose and energy. Despite their different and almost opposite approach to the theme, their works show suprising similarities in layering and ambiance.

In addition to their presentation in the project space of MESH, Sergej performed an intense sound and video performance in the flooded basement of the space, using a self created musical instrument, in which he took the manipulation af space to a deeper level.


03/02/2017 – 05/03/2017

I was ever here was supported by 
Gemeente Rotterdam