Jeroen Koolhaas is internationally known for large murals and community projects. He is one of the co-founders of Favela Painting, the project that famously painted 35 houses in the favela called Sona Marta in Rio.

In 2012 he also designed a mural spanning over 50 buildings on a central Avenue in Philadelphia for a project called Philly Painting, and designed murals for community based projects in Haiti, Curacao, Miami, Guatemala, Greece and Holland together with Dre Urhahn. In 2018 Koolhaas left Favela Painting to pursue a solo career as an autonomous artist. His studiowork shows an unbridled curiosity in the workings of colors. Drawing inspiration from weaving techniques, patterns and music, he investigates where order and chaos meet. For SHOW BOX he transformed an interior space with a design inspired by one of his paintings.

Exhibition: 23/12/2020 – 29/01/2021
Location: Zwaanshals 258