Color Block #1 was the first edition of COLOR BLOCKs, taking place in the neighbourhood of Tussendijken:

At the Zeilmakersstraat in Bospolder/Tussendijken a big, grey wall was turned into a large scale painting. Local artist Ready2Rumble and Croatian artist Lunar worked together on a design based on their shared use of comical imagery and their strong felt connection to the environment they work in. In a connecting workshop artist Danny Rumbl learned local kids how to make their own designs and how to apply it to a wall, creating their own mural painting at the back wall of their own community center. For the project MESH worked closely together with community center BoTu.

Production: 31/08/2017 – 07/09/2017, Location: Zeilmakersstraat 59

Face to Face Expo
Connected to Color Block # 1 was also the exhibition Face to Face at MESH’s art space, in which Danny Rumbl and Lunar presented more of their shared and individual works.