Color Block is a concept by MESH, that combines the creation of a public art work to an educational program for local youth.

Part of Color Block is always an international collaboration between artists, focussing on creating a new art work that enhances the living space of it’s inhabitants, combined with a matching workshop in which local kids learn to make their own public art works.​

The aim of Color Block is to make a stronger connection between an area and it’s people, and to create ownership of that area. Where residents are a lot of times not really included in the developments of their neighbourhood, Color Block tries to involve them and give them, in some way, power over their own living space.

Color Block 1 was the first edition, taking place in the neighbourhood of Tussendijken:

At the Zeilmakersstraat in Bospolder/Tussendijken a big, grey wall was turned into a large scale painting. Local artist Ready2Rumble and Croatian artist Lunar worked together on a design based on their shared use of comical imagery and their strong felt connection to the environment they work in.

Under guidance of artist Danny Rumbl local kids learned how to make their own designs and how to apply it to a wall, creating their own mural painting at the back wall of their own community center.

For Color Block 1 MESH worked closely together with community center BoTu.


31/08/2017 – 07/09/2017


Zeilmakersstraat 59

Color Block #1 was supported by 
Gemeente Rotterdam, ECF Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Erasmus stichting and Doornbos equipment


Face to Face Expo

Connected to Color Block # 1 was also the exhibition Face to Face at MESH’s projectspace, in which Danny Rumbl and Lunar presented more of their shared and individual works.