Artist duo Bier en Brood and graphic designer and artist Ruwedata collaborated present two collaborative installations ION I & ION II.

ION I consists of light boxes holding 4 stroboscopes that flash a pattern to the audience. The disorienting experience reminds of a black-out, an epileptic attack or the shining of an electrically loaded atom. ION visualises the flow of information that on a daily basis is being send to our retinas via black rectangular objects.

ION II consists of 3 objects with a plotted pattern on a translucent panel. The objects holds a bright LED light that flashes with the speed of a stroboscope. With the use of sensors the installation registers movement around it. When one sensor is triggered, the objects respond to the passenger. Dependent of the sensor the objects can react independent of each other, thereby playing with it’s surroundings and the audience. The pattern combined with the stroboscope effect creates a disorienting, psychedelic effect, which translates the imagery to a feeling.  The mood of the image is transferred to the audience in a way.

Exhibition: 22/01/2021 – 06/05/2021
Location: Marconiplein 1 – 3