From april 2020 on Mesh curates several new spaces in the city, several of which a located in the historical ‘Alhena Block’, adjacent to Marconiplein.  On the 15th of May 2020 we opened a SHOW BOX by Rotterdam based photographer Florian Braakman.

Directly across the entrance to subway station Marconiplein Florian Braakman presents his characteristic photography in the windows of former supermarket and liquor store ‘Ooms’. By night the presentation will be lit, turning it into a giant light box. Florian’s work consists of series of photographic images. Through a personal relationship with his subject, especially focusing on the concept of ‘neighbourhood’, he is interested in addressing broader universal, social, and cultural themes, such as integration, cultural diversity and social mobility.

15/05/2020 – 15/07/2020