Artists Naamloozz & Heimprofi present a space filling collaborative installation inspired by their collective travels, urban interventions and public and community art. The artists combine video projection with an installation built entirely from found materials. 

Naamloozz started his art studies in Enschede, but chose his own path and is now active as a street painter and urban intervener. His free flowing style connects to the daily life of people, animals and the architecture of the city.  His works can be seen trough the whole world, because of his active travelling and taking part in community projects with people of different ages and backgrounds. Recently he travelled to Mexico with Heimprofi, where they painted several public buildings on request of the community. Heimprofi studied at the art academy in Arnhem. She works with a wide variety of media, among which video and installation. Also Heimprofi takes active part in educational and community projects and collaborated with various theaters and art institutes trough Europe and Latin America.


The SHOW BOX presents 3-dimensional presentations made by artists specifically for MESH. The presentations have the characteristics that they are as well to be fully observed from outside as well as inside the art space. The SHOW BOX is created to make art presentations accessible to a wide audience, also to those who do not (yet) have a connection with art. 

The SHOW BOX also offers a program of workshops and presentations to a local as well as city wide audience.


02/03/2019 – 30/03/2019



Part of SHOW BOX #4 was educational program KARTONSTAD for local children. MESH collaborated with primary schools de Korf, Nicolaasschool and community Center BoTu, resulting in six workshops for a total of 125 kids. Under guidance of the artists they created a city out of cardboard retrieved from the streets. The outcome was made into an installation that ran for a period of 1,5 week.

SHOW BOX #4 was supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, VSB Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Erassmusstichting