Point of interest is a collaboration between deRoberto Rodriguez and Lex Hoogendam focussing on the question ‘What is art without it’s public?’ Reflecting on this question the artists create an installation that tries to capture the attention of passing street public.

Part of the installation is a spin on Ports Francs et Entrêpots de Genève SA, one of the biggest collections of art that stays hidden from the public, wrapped in foil to protect it from external influences. The artists ask themselves what the value of art is when there is nobody to see or discuss it. And, connected to that, how they can lift the value of their own installation by creating an audience of their own.

deRodriguez is a Spanish born artists living in Rotterdam, where he practises his art among people that test limits, push boundaries and think twice every so often. In his works he reflects on questions on art. What is it really? Does it have a unique purpose? Can it help us change the world, for the better? However you it define art, it still does not mean much for the general public unless the purpose of art is understood. Art could be a tool, a catalyst for social change, and hopefully, for one who remains ever hopeful, for social growth. deRodriguez approaches art as a visual representation of a puzzle, a question, a hint of a concept. He knows how his dots connect, but he is more interested in having his audience connect the dots themselves. By doing so deRodriguez always leaves a dialogue behind, hoping to make an idea really contagious.

Lex Hoogendam researches the way global events enter our living rooms through media. In his practice he tries to look beyond the obvious, reflecting on topical issues in the form of videos and/or installations. Performance always plays an important role in his works, by which Lex places himself in a specific context or conveys his ideas and views. By playing with iconic images, rearranging and reinterpreting them, he tries to shed a different light on his subjects. By doing so, he hopes to challenge the observer to reposition himself in relation to the image.

26/10/2018 – 07/12/2018