‘Na Verloop van Tijd’ | Wouter van der Giessen |
Bridge house Zaagmolenbrug |

Wouter van der Giessen (1995) is a visual artist from Breda. In 2020 he graduated from AKV | St. Joost with his graduation project ‘Voorbeeldentuin’, with which he won the Ateliers Prize presented by the Municipality of Breda. His works take place mainly in the public space in the shape of a sculpture or installation.

Colorful and iconic objects seek van der Giessen’s attention. It can be a line of waste bins on the side of the road, or the recognisable parasol base found in many Dutch gardens. These objects are the building blocks for his sculptural interventions. By looking thoroughly at specific places he emphasizes conventional elements. These iconic elements are what van der Giessen loves. They provide support to our daily lives. In his artistic practice he researches how to present them in a different light.

About ‘Na Verloop van Tijd’
As a student van der Giessen was often around the Zaagmolenbrug, as he lived and worked in the area.  ‘Na Verloop van Tijd’ is a research on life in Rotterdam and the surroundings of the Zaagmolenbrug. The area was for van der Giessen a place where his first steps of artist-hood were taken. The work reflects on the time which since then has passed.

Exhibition: 17/04/2021 – 17/07/2021
Location: Zaagmolenbrug (Linker Rottekade)