Light artist Tamar Frank presents a duo presentation consisting of installations ‘Flow’ and ‘Reflections’. The installations envision the connection between the two bridge houses of Zaagmolenbrug and Parksluizen and their own connection to their watery surroundings.

Tamar Frank (1974) graduated at the Art Academy of Maastricht. She creates light installations under the name ‘Lightspace’. She mainly works on temporary public installations, using light to take over a space and re-shape it how she sees it. Her works sometimes take the shape of interventions and sometimes completely intertwine with the surrounding landscape.

Tamar has created an impressive list of international presentations, as well autonomous as commissioned.  She created a large light work for the two towers of West Pender Place in Vancouver and worked for numerous light festivals like Glow Eindhoven, Lyslyd Copenhagen, Fort Honswijk en Lumina Cascais. Next to that she took part in projects that incorporate textiles like ‘Lost in Lace’ in het Birmingham Museum and ‘Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais’ in Axeneo7 in Gatineau. She was also a finalist in the Darc Awards in London and the Lamp Awards in Barcelona.

Flow and Reflections

For the two locations Tamar researched the surroundings of the Zaagmolenbrug and Parksluizen and the connecting elements between them. Both locations feature their own bridge house that are directly located on the water of Rotterdam’s most important rivers; the Rotte and de Schie.
Flow and Reflections envision the watery connection between both houses, but also show their own character and that of the area around them. The house at Parksluizen being robust and steady on the ground above the water, fitting within the architecture of the Parksluizen, Tamar created an installation that pumps the water of the Schie into it’s body. This resulting in a water ‘flow’ that lights up within the dark stones of it’s surroundings.

At the Zaagmolenbrug the bridge house almost floats above the water of the Rotte and is surrounded by many mirroring windows of buildings around it. This inspired her to create her own answer to the reflections of the area and river below with the use of mirrors and the connecting flow of water.

25/02/22 – 27/05/22
Location: Westzeedijk 375 & Zaagmolenbrug