OCULUS was the first of the series of SHOW BOX presentations in the Mesh project space. The exhibitions aim to connect the audience outside to the presentation inside by making the art space an extension of the public area around it. The audience does not need to be present in the space to experience the artworks, which makes them accessible for all type of spectators.

OCULUS is a presentation by Wouter van Kelle, a Rotterdam based artist who graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy. Van Kelle’s main focus is to reinterpret the art of painting, literally from the ground up. He hopes that this approach will evoke a discussion on the definition of what painting can be. This involves reflecting on questions such as: What can be defined as a painting? Does it need to meet certain standards or criteria. Does a painting have to be painted with paint or can it be painted with other materials? Does the surface have to meet certain requirements? For example; is it necessary for a painting to be made on paper or canvas and is it a prerequisite to be a two-dimensional surface? To add to this research, Van Kelle starts of by exploring the basic qualities of paint. In doing so he explores how certain paint reacts to the qualities of different surfaces. He strives to make this visible to the viewer by allowing them to look through the layers of paint. This can be done with the use of light, the way the painting is placed in the room or by leaving parts of the surface uncovered and see-through or just a bit opaque.In painting this way Van Kelle’s focus is solely on form over function. In his research for a universal form-language he looks further than material or colour. Within the strokes presented in each work, he strives for a balance between easy-accessibility and highly-researched and well-conceptualised art.

10/08/2018 – 08/09/2018

 Photos by Rosa Schous