N 51.91426° E 4.43761°

In N 51.91426° E 4.43761° Joram Raaijmakers (NL) and Dušan Rajić (RS) touch the topical subject of control in modern day society.

Joram specialised himself during his studies at Design Academy Eindhoven and later in his professional life almost obsessively in the watchtower as a manifestation of  control. This resulted in various scaled and life size models, designed objects and an elaborate research on the phenomenon. By turning these historical objects into utensils and designer products for in the house, he almost makes fun of the strange opposition the object hold, being a product of war, but at the same time an interesting architectural construction, enjoyable to the spectator. Dušan graduated as an architect, but focusses in his art mainly on photography. Roaming trough the streets of Belgrade he and his camera become the observer of human daily life and it’s strange contradictions. The ironic and humorous situations he portrays often have a palpable deeper meaning behind them, exposing the fragility and invasiveness of human actions.

The collaboration between the artists was also presented at the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair in 2017.

12/11/2016 – 17/12/2016