At Parksluizen Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch presents one of his works in the series of ‘Monument for digital Failure’. The installation combines painted plexiglass with LED lights. The image it creates originates from digital screens like Jop’s old computer that repeatedly crash at random. Its dysfunction in transmitting information provided him with a multitude of beautiful images. The painted cloudiness symbolises the noisy amounts of information we as modern humans get to process.

Large screens and advertisement pillars grasp Jop Vissers Vorstenboschs (The Netherlands, 1986) attention completely. Based in painting and armed with light, electronics and movement, Jop duels with this loud advertisement imagery. As far as Jop is concerned, the painting process is something that does not exclusively happen with brushes and paint. He rather perceives the painting as a set of building blocks and approaches his subjects like a builder.

Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and received a young talents stipend in 2016 by the Mondriaan Funds. His (commissioned) works were presented in various cities and venues through tthe Netherlands.

07/05/21 – 07/08/021
Westzeedijk 375