The third edition of Color Block took place on the Vierhavenstraat on the border between Delfshaven en Merwede Vierhavens. A 400m2 concrete wall, located next to Dakpark Rotterdam became the canvas for a new international collaboration between Erosie (NL) and Sobekcis (RS).

Jeroen Erosie’s characteristic style originates from the fluid and restless process of graffiti lettering. This results in a dynamic and continuous morphing of shapes, lines and textures. Jeroen Erosie’s work consists of rounded forms and geometric lines that represent the natural landscapes of his bike rides as much as the architectural observations of the city’s forgotten spaces and cultural symbols. His works know a balance between an intuitive approach and a methodical proces of creation, between reinterpretation and research. 

Serbian art duo Sobekcis has collected international fame for their innovative view on graffiti and the many influences they take from outside of the graffiti scene. Sobekcis’ style is a perfect combination of fluid letters, abstract shapes and bright colours.  These twins continuously innovate their style, which they see as a necessity for graffiti to be seen as a genuine art form.

Part of Color Block was a workshop for local kids in which they learned how to paint their own mural, under guidance of professional artists Danny Rumbl and Ilse Weisfelt.

​Production: 20/07/2018 – 27/07/2018​, Location: Vierhavenstraat