In June 2021 Mesh organised an educational program in collaboration with primary school de Korf. three artists guided three groups of children from groups 3 – 8 in three different projects creating public art works.

Photographer Florian Braakman guided group 3/4 in creating an exhibition of analogue photography about the children’s lives in their neighbourhood Bospolder/Tussendijkden. The result was presented on the windows of an empty store front at Marconiplein.

Jelmer Konjo learned kids from groups 7/8 to create their own public sculpture which was presented in front of their school. In the program the participants learned to work with different shapes and materials, working towards a collaborative 3D sculpture.

Under guidance of Danijel Stoiljkovic (curator at Mesh), children of groups 5/6 created a mural painting for the newly renovated school yard of de Korf. The kids worked on an abstract visualisation  using the technique of pixel art.