Mesh offers space for development and experiment within the arts. The base of Mesh’s projects is thinking differently about art, its audience and its shape. For her projects Mesh collaborates with artists from all over Europe aiming at (knowledge) exchange, audience development and the enhancement of international networks within the art world.

Mesh continually aims to innovate her presentation concepts in order to surprise and expand her audience. Mesh strongly believes that visual arts should and can be relevant for everyone and that making art presentations reachable and accessible is important. By doing so Mesh organically reaches a more divers audience.

Mesh focusses on all types of art, but in general presents art with a strong visual character. We believe art is here to make our world more inspirational, lively and interesting. This should be available for everyone and thereby should not need a specific background or education.

Foundation Mesh is a non profit organisation. The organisation was founded by Danijel Stoiljkovic and Inger van Beek, currently acting as artistic director and project leader. The organisation is overseen by a board, consisting of Lisette Schumacher (chairman), Thea Wiekard (treasurer) and Kim Kegel-Chong (secretary of the board).


While operating in the neighbourhood Tussendijken, where the majority of residents do not have a strong connection to visual arts and would not easily step inside the art space, Mesh decided to focus more on her surroundings and create a different, more accessible form of presentations. In 2017 Mesh produced her first ‘shox box’ expo. This concept focusses on creating three dimensional presentations that are completely visible from outside on the streets. For the exhibitions Mesh invites artists to create site specific shows. The show box program has been supported by several private funds and the municipality of Rotterdam.

Mesh is a strong believer of bringing art to the people instead of bringing people to art. In order to connect new audiences to visual arts, Mesh brings art deep into the neighbourhoods. Since 2018 Mesh produced several public art works, on which Dutch and foreign artists collaborate. Part of every public art project are workshops for local children with the purpose to stimulate cultural participation from a young age on.

Mesh regularly organises educational projects as part of her programming. Part of various exhibitions are workshops hosted by the presenting artists to kids from the neighbourhood. Besides these workshops Mesh organises self standing workshop programs focussing on creating public art, always under guidance of professional artists.

EXHIBITIONS 2016 – 2018
Mesh started in 2016 with a more traditional type of exhibitions. Two artists, one Dutch, one foreign collaborated on exhibitions of which the art works would be for sale. In the period of 2016 – 2018 Mesh invited eight artist from the Balkan region to collaborate with eight Rotterdam based artists, resulting in duo shows. In 2018 Mesh also took part in an international collaboration with Croatian photo festival Organ Vida for which three Croatian artists collaborated with three Dutch artist on a site specific presentation around the topic of Delfshaven.

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