From April til June 2022 2022 Mesh organised a new educational program in collaboration with primary school de Korf. The program consisted of two parts which together lead to one final end result: a large scale public artwork. Taking part in the program were children from group 5,6 and 7 of primary school de Korf and the Lucasschool in Bospolder/Tussendijken. All participating children, divided over two mixed groups worked towards a shared art work and public presentation.

The first part of the program was lead by Austrian sound artist artist Matthias Hurtl. He has been working with the topic of ‘Drowning in Aether’ for some time’, for which he builds his own antenna’s that can catch the sounds of abandoned satellites that are still circling the earth. In several workshops he learned the kids to build their own antenna’s which were used to catch signals from outer space.

The second part of the program was lead by Rotterdam based artist Reinier Landwehr. Together with the kids he translated the sounds that were caught in space into an image: that of a large scale satellite on which the kids would paint everything they associated with the sounds that they heard. The satellite thereby turned into a way of communicating for the kids with it’s direct audience and all the imaginary creatures flying around in space.

On the last day of workshops Matthias returned to have the kids make their own audio recording to ‘send into space’. The audio file was connected to the sculpture by means of a QR code. All passers- by can scan it to hear the messages of the kids to space and their own neighbours.