Imperceptible is a collaboration between Karin Rianne Westendorp (NL) and Vunik (RS). Both artists create landscapes and situations that characterise by texture and tri-dimensionality.

​Karin Rianne Westendorp creates landscapes with a self-thaught and specific technique of charcoal and erasers. Trough her thin lines and composition the perceiver gets lost in a microscopic world. Being extremely creative in her ways of creation Karin uses uncommon utensils for creating her art and combines paintings and drawings with hand made digital projections.

Vunik creates with his own techniques tri-dimensional situations, shapes and animals. The colours – often bright combined with dark overruling tones – and shapes – strange and otherworldly – create dreamy and hallucinatory images.

Imperceptible was the first presentation that took place in the Show Box, a black box MESH created in relation to her direct surroundings. Being located in a neighbourhood where art is not a strong part of daily life, MESH perceived a high metaphorical threshold for passers by to step into the space. With the aim to connect this audience to the presentations inside, MESH created a Show Box which the spectator can look into and experience the presentation inside, without having to physically step inside.


24/11/2017 – 23/12/2017

Imperceptible was supported by 
Gemeente Rotterdam and ECF Fund